Residence office

AIRE office

The AIRE office (A.I.R.E. stands for Anagrafe degli Italiani Residenti all’Estero) deals with the registration of Italians residing abroad.

As per law no. 470 of 1988 all Italian nationals who move abroad must notify the relevant Consular office within 90 days of arrival in the destination country. This also applies to those who emigrated before the law came into force.

Registering with the AIRE office is a pre-requisite if you need to obtain a number of documents and certificates issued by the Consulate. This is also the case if you need to have your passport issued or renewed. Entering your personal details in the consular data-base will also result in the time needed to handle cases or requests being considerably reduced.

Updating your AIRE details

Italian nationals must also notify their “comune” (town hall) of any change in their personal circumstances (marital status, citizenship, address, family members, residence).

The Italian comune is notified of the above changes automatically whilst the persons concerned reside in Italy. Conversely, if they reside abroad, the comune can only be notified of the changes if the persons concerned deal with them personally through the Consulate where they reside.

Italian nationals residing abroad are therefore required to inform the relevant Italian consulate of any change, more specifically:

• address abroad;
• citizenship;
• marital status;
• family members;
• change of name.

Registering with the AIRE office is required by law and is equally important to obtain a number of consular services (issue of documents and declarations), electoral certificates and some benefits, e.g.:

receiving the electoral card at the right address abroad;
obtaining a reduced rate from ENEL (the Italian Electricity Company) and a reduction on the refuse collection tax for the owners of a property in Italy.

The Consulate is also in a position to issue the following certificates autonomously:

Citizenship certificate
Residence certificate (click here to download the form)
“Stato libero” certificate (certificate proving the person is not married)
“Stato di famiglia” certificate (certificate listing one’s family members at the same address).

The issue of certificates and/or documents is subject to the payment of a consular fee (see the List of Consular fees available at the Desk). The cost of the certificates may be subject to change (on the basis of the fluctuations of the exchange rate euro/sterling; please note that the consular exchange rate is fixed at the beginning of each quarter).

In compliance with the new legislation (Law no. 127 of 15.5.1997, and Presidential Decree no. 403 of 20.10.1998) it is now possible to produce self-certificates instead of some certificates. The list of self-certificates accepted is as follows:

(1) birth, (2) residence, (3) citizenship, (4) exercise of political rights, (5) family members, (6) “esistenza in vita” (certifying the person is alive), (7) death of a family member, (8) military status, (9) registration to a professional register, (10) qualification, (11) professional qualification, (12) declaration relating to examinations taken, (13) award of a qualification, (14) revenue situation, (15) payment of contributions, (16) fiscal code, (17) enrolment to a course, (18) employment status (pensioner, unemployed), (19) status as legal representative, (20) absence of criminal records, (21) list of dependants or declaration whereby the person confirms s/he is someone’s dependant.


Documentation required:

a. an AIRE registration form (click here to download the form) or an AIRE change of address form (click here to download the form)
b. photocopy of a valid ID document (passport or ID card) showing photo, signature, personal details and ID number for all the family members applying to be registered, and
c. proof of residence (e.g. a utility bill, council tax booklet, bank statement etc.)

For Italian nationals born abroad it is imperative that their birth certificate be registered in Italy at the relevant “comune” (town hall). Please refer to the check list attached to the application form.

Your application for registration as a resident abroad will then be forwarded to the Italian AIRE “comune” (town hall) for consideration.


All Italian nationals residing abroad should note the following:
•The registration with the Consulate is compulsory;
•The registration is free of charge;
•The prompt update of your personal details (and those of your family) is a pre-requisite for the provision of the consular services;
•The registration applies to all those who intend to take up residence abroad for at least 12 months;
•The British authorities do not notify the Consulate of any change in the family circumstances of Italian nationals. It is therefore their own responsibility to deal with the above notifications;
•Not updating their personal details, in particular their address, makes it impossible for the Consulate to keep in touch with its own nationals;
•Only by registering and keeping their details promptly updated will Italians residing abroad be able to vote; this will also facilitate the issue of their passport.